7 GIF ideas to bring some life into your email template!

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You know it. I know it. Everyone loves GIFs – whether it’s cute cats, crazy sayings, outfit changes, or crazy video teasers. Now, it’s your turn to take advantage of these simple animations. With GIFs, you can create extra powerful and effective marketing campaigns. We’re going to show you how:

Please note: With the latest Mail Designer Pro version, we improved our GIF engine with better compression capabilities. Your GIFs are now automatically compressed when you send or export your design.

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NEW Mail Designer Pro 3.3.2: Now with state-of-the-art GIF optimization and improved Outlook engine

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Everyone in email marketing knows it – keeping your newsletter file size in check is a daily challenge. You want to spice up your email campaigns with eye-catching GIFs, but the file sizes quickly add up. With Mail Designer Pro version 3.3.2, you can take advantage of our new GIF optimization engine. GIFs are now automatically compressed when you send or export your design. The results will vary by file, but in some tests we saw some gifs shrink to 1/3rd  of their original size.

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3 tips for better color matching in your newsletters

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With the help of the color picker and color matching tool, you can create professional color combinations for your newsletters without the need for a graphic designer.

Let us show you how…

When you use many graphic elements and different background surfaces, a good color scheme raises the bar of your email design. Choosing the right colors instantly boosts the overall aesthetic of your email newsletters.

With our tips, you’ll quickly find the right complementary color for your layout – whether to add a contrast-rich action button or to use the right amount of toning to match your product images.

Practical color matching tools you need to know

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Bold is beautiful – Boost your newsletter style with 7 glorious Google fonts

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Did you catch the changes with Apple’s fonts? Apple relied on really thin fonts. But on the new iPad, Apple decided to go for a bolder look with their own in-house San Francisco font. Check out the San Francisco font in their headlines – thicker and easier to read the letters. Yes! Bold is in style again! So go on and take the time to explore different Google fonts! See which bold fonts are well suited for your newsletter designs.

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Mail Designer Pro 3.1 Update: Gmail is now 100% mobile optimized

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Gmail is one of the most popular email providers in the world and the default email app on many Android phones – that’s a lot of customers reading newsletters in the Gmail app. Until today, Gmail has only supported an ‘optimized’ newsletter view, where it would automatically take the desktop version of your email and tried to re-format it for smartphone screens – usually with mixed results.

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