Which Mail Designer version do I need?

No coding, no HTML, no stress! From professional marketing campaigns to club newsletters, with Mail Designer it’s easy to be creative. Our Buyer’s Guide gives you an overview of our products. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, it’s always possible to expand your Mail Designer Suite later.

Mail Designer 2

Create newsletters on your Mac without HTML and send them directly with Apple Mail.

Ideal for your…

  • Business mails
  • Exposés & Portfolios
  • School- & parent newsletter
  • Shop highlights
  • clubs, bands, blogs, magazines

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Mail Designer Pro 3

Create professional mobile optimized newsletters and send to a large target group.

Ideal for your…

  • Product presentations
  • Press releases
  • Promotions & sales mailings
  • Trade fair circulars
  • Company news

All about Mail Designer Pro 3


Mail Designer Suite

Total flexibility: Mail Designer and Mail Designer Pro in a high performance bundle.

Ideal for…

  • Mobile optimized mail campaigns
  • Send mailings with Apple Mail
  • Edit Stationery Business templates, optimize Season’s
    Greetings (Mail Designer 2 only)

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Compare “Mail Designer” and “Mail Designer Pro”

Functions Mail Designer Mail Designer Pro
Create Mails without HTML yes_tick yes_tick
Create mobile optimized designs yes_tick
Mobile device preview yes_tick
Mobile inbox optimization yes_tick
Use layout blocks yes_tick yes_tick
Implement graphics, GIFs, videos yes_tick yes_tick
500+ web fonts, define fallback fonts & font styles yes_tick
Edit equinux Stationery Business templates yes_tick
Teamwork features yes_tick yes_tick
Send using Apple Mail
Apple Mail only support Desktop Version

(desktop only)


(desktop only, mobile version will be skipped)

Send using own SMTP server yes_tick yes_tick
Export to Third party provider Campaign Monitor
HTML export
Campaign Monitor
HTML export