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Create awesome newsletters that make a big impact at any size

Mail Designer Pro is the efficient HTML mail creator software and the easiest way to create and optimize HTML email newsletter designs that look great on desktop computers and mobile devices. You don’t need any HTML skills, just a bit of creativity. Create amazing HTML emails in minutes.


Save Time

• Visual layout designer
• Create an HTML email newsletter design in minutes
• No additional HTML tools required


Save Money

• Design newsletter in-house
• No HTML design skills required
• Includes 70+ ready-to-use responsive templates


Increase Conversions

• Optimize for mobile devices
• Increase opens with inbox-previews
• Build call-to-actions guaranteed to convert


100% Compatible

• Professional email-optimized HTML designer engine
• Gmail-mobile support
• MailChimp & Campaign Monitor Export

Businesses and Merchants: Attractive sales offers

Agencies and service providers: Promote events

Teams & clubs: Info, dates and results

Consultants and developers: Offer new Apps and services

Photographers and artists: Introduce new projects

Mail Designer is used by…

Tesla Motors
The American Sailing Association
Plugged Media
Optic und Vision

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Mail Designer Pro 3 – Creativity in every pixel

Your HTML email designs deserve the highest level of quality, so Mail Designer 3 offers pixel perfect perfection in brilliant retina resolution.

NEW Now with Touch Bar Support

Mail Designer Pro Designer supports the Touch Bar on new MacBook Pros, putting the design tools you need at your fingertips.

Touch to Bar access…

  • Text styles, formatting, and layout-controls
  • Color pickers and image zoom controls
  • Switch between desktop and mobile layout views, toggle alignment guides, and smartphone previews

Retina-ready emails bring every detail to life

Mail Designer Pro 3 is your go-to software to create HTML emails and lets you design desktop newsletters and templates with high definition retina resolution. Whether your readers open your email on a retina Mac, retina smartphone, or iPad, every image in your design will look crisp and sharp – down to the last pixel.


Shapes & Backgrounds – Pixel perfect layouts

From creating buttons, positioning images, to designing a call-to-action – you can adjust just about everything down to the last pixel. And with new background image controls, you can scale and position your background artwork exactly how you like it.


Send mobile-optimized newsletters to Gmail apps

Mail Designer Pro supports the latest version of Gmail’s layout engine, so your mobile-optimized newsletter designs now look great within the Gmail mobile apps.


More than 70 ready-to-use newsletter design templates

Mail Designer Pro 3 comes with amazing template layouts that you can use as customizable newsletter examples. Based on the template designs we provide you, you can generate your own HTML email templates. Check out the latest newsletter styles for your next email: Cool offers, sleek announcements, and rockin’ club invitations — all fully customizable for your own projects.

70+ templates with desktop and mobile layouts

All Mail Designer features at a glance

Mail Designer Pro ensures when you build a newsletter, your emails look great wherever they’re read. Design with our powerful drag & drop editor and customize for mobile devices. The Live previews show you your designs on the latest iPhones, iPads, or Apple Watch. You can also optimize the look of the first line of the mail inbox. Mail Designer Pro is the first Mac Software to create HTML emails directly on your Apple computer. You can even create your own email stationery for Mac.

Responsive Mail Design
 Automatic mobile layout
 Flowing Mail Designs
 Change and optimize for mobile devices

Make creative HTML newsletters
 Layouts with drag-and-drop
 Choose background style
 Add links to text and elements

Perfect text layouts for Apple Watch
 Create mails for Apple Watch
 Apple Watch real-time preview
 Check 38 and 42mm version

Integrate animations and videos
 Integrate animated graphics (GIFs)
 Link to videos (YouTube, Vimeo …)
 Supports HTML 5 content

Perfect emails for all phones
 Retina & retina HD support
 Preview newsletters for mobile devices
 Open multiple previews simultaneously

Inbox and text optimization
 Create a custom inbox preview text
 Real time inbox preview tool
 Streamlined plain text editor

Your design options
 Use 500+ web fonts & text styles
 Easy positioning of photos and graphics
 Create emails without HTML coding

Quality and control
 Send test emails
 Optimize email performance
 Automatically test links

Ready for the latest version of macOS
 Photos app integration
 Use Touch Bar, Force Touch, Split View
 Optimized for macOS Sierra

Create graphic elements easily
 Create buttons and badges
 Artwork for backgrounds & headers
 Includes library with shapes and graphics

Create newsletters in a team
 Lend documents
 Protocol all changes
 Add comments and suggestions

External email marketing services
 Mail Designer Plug-in for MailChimp
 Mail Designer Plug-in for Campaign Monitor
 HTML export for other services

HTML newsletters made easy – Be creative without Photoshop

Mail Designer Pro lets you create HTML email newsletters without extensive knowledge of either HTML or Photoshop. As a creative professional you’ll feel right at home with the graphic tools in Mail Designer Pro. Build a newsletter design, create elaborate, multi column layouts, create your own buttons, and choose from more than 500 inspirational web fonts.

Flaunt your style with the latest email trends

With our background graphics and header artwork, you can effortlessly transform your newsletter design ideas into professional quality newsletters. You can generate HTML email templates, create email flyer, or use Mail Designer Pro to design and create HTML emails that will create a lasting impression.


And… Action! Integrate videos & GIFs into HTML emails

Your recipients have never seen an email like this before: Drag animated GIFs into your newsletter or add a thumbnail to your YouTube, Vimeo, or HTML 5 videos with a video placeholder.

Size matters! Optimize newsletters for every mobile device

Mail Designer Pro helps you build and preview your mobile-responsive email. The mobile version can be individually adjusted, ensuring the best possible smartphone experience.

Check the look of your emails in real time

iPhone, Pixel, Samsung Galaxy… Create newsletter designs for the latest smartphones. With our one-of-a-kind design preview, you can simulate your email design on a variety of devices. The perfect tool for mailing pros.


Increase your open rates with Inbox Optimizing

Can you impress your email recipients in the inbox? With Mail Designer Pro, the adept and easy-to-use email designer, you can. Optimize your message using the Inbox Preview and fine-tune your subject and inbox snippet to make sure your email is the one that gets opened.

Sending your newsletter

Mail Designer Pro offers multiple ways to send your newsletter — it’s up to you:

• send desktop newsletters directly via Apple Mail
• export email designs to Campaign Monitor and MailChimp
• HTML export for upload to other email marketing services
• Export a webpage and add it to your website
• send designs internally via your own email server



It wouldn’t be Mail Designer if it didn’t work on the Mac

Mail Designer Pro is perfectly optimized for macOS Sierra:

use Split View for the optimal screen experience
• try Touch Bar and Force Touch for super creative workflows
• access Photos directly from the app
• send your mailing via the Apple email App

logoMail Designer Pro – Professional email designer for everyone

With Mail Designer Pro, the possibilities are endless! Create stylish, professional, effective newsletters on the mac without any HTML coding. Professional HTML email designer for everyone.

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For OS X 10.9 or later, including macOS Sierra

Well known…

Mail Designer Pro is the awesome HTML email newsletter designer app for Apple Mac. With Mail Designer Pro’s HTML email design tools, you can become an email marketing professional in just a few simple steps. You no longer need to be an HTML expert to become an email marketing pro. Yes, it’s that easy! You can create and build your HTML email newsletters, from simple to sophisticated email designs, without any HTML or CSS knowledge. By utilizing Mail Designer Pro’s tools, you can design responsive emails that will look amazing on mobile devices. You can even optimize your inbox preview and and form plain text emails that are compatible with the Apple Watch. Mail Designer Pro is the newsletter design software made for anyone and everyone using a Mac. It’s the perfect email designer software to create HTML emails for everyday people, just like you and me. Design your next emails with Mail Designer Pro and you are on your way to achieving impressive emails, innovative email templates, creative email designs, prolific sales newsletters, and unique HTML newsletter layouts – all without prior coding knowledge. Mail Designer Pro provides you helpful HTML email design tools to tackle your email design problems and enable you to create great looking responsive email templates and newsletter designs that will surely catch your reader’s attention. Use Mail Designer Pro as your HTML mail creator of choice. Need new ideas for your templates? Get some design inspiration from our Design Ideas where you can use pre-made templates and customize them to fit your email marketing needs. Then, you can send out simply unique and beautiful email marketing templates to your subscribers list. You don’t need an HTML-coder or professional designer to create amazing emails. We also have the Learning Resource & Tutorial Center that you can use as your email design guide, which is filled with tips and innovative advice to help you convey your message effectively and in style. Check out the Newsletter Academy for best email marketing tips and tricks. The Newsletter Academy is a powerful email marketing tool you can apply to help generate leads and retain customers to help your business grow. Think of it as a handy guide for entrepreneurs and email marketers who are in the pursuit of effectively executing email marketing campaigns for their businesses. Learn how to better use images, fonts, calls to action and more. With Mail Designer Pro, you have the option of sending your mail designs with your choice of email service provider (ESP). You can optimize all of your email newsletters and templates and send them using Apple Mail or a third party newsletter mailer like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, AWeber, CleverReach, Benchmark, etc. Also, Mail Designer Pro is compatible with inbox providers like Outlook, Gmail, webmail and many other email clients available in the market. Visit our integration guides to assist you with setup as it covers the core aspects of integration between email clients and your Mail Designer Pro email newsletters.